First pass at creating ‘user activities’ (to be removed from 3.0 release)

This post will document a feature that was implemented during the development of the 3.0 release, but was removed since there needs to be more thinking about the exact workflow and GUIs required to support it.

The core idea with this feature/implementation was to give the user the ability to provide metadata about the Guidance Items read.

In this PoC, on the ‘Guidance Item Viewer’ GUI, the user had the ability to choose one of 3 states (or ‘activites’) for the current Guidance Item: READ, COMPLETED and HELP

This was done via the links included on the top-right box of the current item:

… which when selected were stored as a ‘User Activity’ :

The other change that happened was that the main article’s text color would also change depending on the user selection:

READ -> Gray



Note that these changes were also reflected in the main GUI:

Guidance Item with the HELP, COMPLETED AND READ ‘user activity’ entries

Guidance Item with only the READ ‘user activity’ entry

Guidance Item with only the COMPLETED ‘user activity’ entry

Note that this was user specific (i.e. this data is tied to the current logged in user).

One interresting workflow would be to hide from the current user the items marked with the COMPLETED entry

When implemented, this feature will also provide good metadata for management dashboards


About Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is the main developer of the OWASP O2 Platform and TeamMentor
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