Online editing of Guidance Items (first working version)

It is now possible to edit the TeamMentor GuidanceItems online.

Go reach the editor, double click on a GuidanceItem row

… on the popup window click on the Edit this Guidance Item link (top right)

…make the desired changes (note that the Date field is current not editable)

… click on the the Save Changes button to save it

… click on the Back to Guidance Item View Mode button, and note how the changes have been saved:

If you go back to the main gui and click on the edited GuidanceItem, notice how the text (on the right) was updated

To update the Title, Technology, Phase, and Category, you will need (in the current version ) to trigger a (server side) reload of the (server-side) chached GuidanceItems mappings.

This can be done by invoking the XmlDatabase_SetLibraryPath (OWASP) web service’s method (I choose the ‘OWASP’ link because in this example I was using the XML files from the OWASP TeamMentor content) . Another option is to invoke the XmlDatabase_ReloadData  web service’s method (will take a couple seconds longer since this triggers a more complete (server-side) data reload)

Once that is done, refresh the browser (needed to remove the client side chaching of GuidanceItems mappings), and the changes made will be shown:


About Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is the main developer of the OWASP O2 Platform and TeamMentor
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