No-CSS version of TeamMentor

After you grab the latest code from GitHub and fired up the local server, open this page to see the real-time (i.e. no delays when clicking on libraries, folders or views) cersion of TM (note the port number: 12345 is the default/github port, 12355 (shown here) is the one used by the TM UnitTests)

The first attached images show this page in IE and Chrome, where you can see that:

  • All data table was correctly calculated and remapped (if you look at the traffic you will notice a couple initial JSON calls during the loading stage, but no calls are made when selecting a library, folder or view (3rd image shows the 6 requests made)
  • The data-processing at the client is quite fast (and since it happens at start, it doesn’t really damage the user experience (note: we need to add a progress bar during load))
  • There is a semi-real time feel to it, where the changes are reflected in less than 1sec after the user clicks on a library, folder or view (this is critical for the TM browsing experience)
  • The initial number of items shown is originally set to 250. This was done because of IE, since in chrome we can push that number much higher (5000+) and the data will still be displayed in less than 1s (during my tests I think I found a way to go speed this up for IE this which I need to further investigate ( the solution was centred around the idea to pre-create the tables as hidden divs (during the initial data-processing step) and then showing those divs on library/folder.view selection))

Although I’m going to move a lot of the JavaScript on this page to the core TM js files, I’m leaving this page (and all others in folder) like this , so that it is easier for you to learn from it and to see/understand the evolution (and can be used by TM UnitTests).


About Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is the main developer of the OWASP O2 Platform and TeamMentor
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