Fuzzed 3 methods – better code

Yesterday I wrote a post explaining my approach. I’ve made further progress today and have fuzzed 3 methods and pushed all the code to Git. This code is more structured and scales better. It reads a config file which contains a method – payload files mapping and invokes the method for every payload. Its responses are all stored in a responses directory; with the date appended to the output file; so that the output is NOT overwritten. The output is in XML too; so it’s easily parse-able and used elsewhere. I’ve commented one of the methods so its even easier to understand 🙂

I hope to make this even better as time goes on. Maybe make it faster as well. The next step now is to look at methods which take multiple arguments; all the methods so far took only 1 argument. And what about those complex methods which take an object as an argument? I can see the number of requests..crazily multiplying. Got to be some way to optimize stuff..right? We will know..soon enough.

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