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Guidance Type Soap Opera

So after a while of working with Team Mentor Guidance Types and their relationships to each other I realized that it will be pretty confusing to someone looking at this for a first time. Since picture is worth a 1000 … Continue reading

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Auth testing scripts – Now with Python modules :)

I thought yesterday’s post describing my progress was nice. However when I showed it to Dinis, he said ‘Yeah nice’ but you need to make it into modules. And there’s too much code duplication everywhere. (Ouch)* After the usual initial … Continue reading

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Authorization testing scripts…revisited and improved

Since my fuzzing adventures had sort of reached a logical stage; I pinged Dinis and he said something about how auth testing would give us the correct order in which tests are to be executed; after which fuzzing becomes easier. … Continue reading

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Improved fuzzing code…

In my previous post I talked a little bit about fuzzing and how I’d proceed. I’ve now made really good improvements (IMO anyway ;)) on the code. So now..a brief feature list(HaHa) of my fuzzing script for a Webservice method … Continue reading

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