Pulling a Code update into TM Documentation Repository

This PDF shows how to Pull a Code update into TM Documentation 

Couple notes:

  • Both repositories are syncronized, but have different content
  • TeamMentor/Master is the ‘master’ code base with it s changes propagated into other repositories
  • TeamMentor/TeamMentor-Documentation contains the code from TeamMentor/Master + a number of changes :
    • Documentation specific Library files  (including images)
    • Documentation specific CSS files
    • Automatic redirection to SSL
  • TeamMentor/Master has no idea that TeamMentor/TeamMentor-Documentation exists, and there should be no communication from TeamMentor/TeamMentor-Documentation to TeamMentor/Master
  • Note how fast the whole process was. Usually when there are no conflics there are only two commands to execute:
    • git pull tm_master master
    • git push origin master
  • A branch could had also been used to first apply the changes , but if the repository is not very large, its easy/fast to clone and it is in sync with GitHub; I usually prefer to do these merges on the master branch, since if something goes wrong, we just get another clone from GitHub

Just like Copy and Paste

What is interresting about the workflow we just executed , is that this is the same as downloading a zip file of TeamMentor/Master and copying and pasting its content into TeamMentor/TeamMentor-Documentation (except that we would have no history/merge-resolution and we would have to move the updates using zip files of the entire repository (vs just the super-fast git updates))


About Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is the main developer of the OWASP O2 Platform and TeamMentor
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