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Dealing with Iframes and WebDriver : TeamMentor’s About page

Tonight I was trying to add a new test to validate that TeamMentor’s About page is  being displayed correctly. I thought that this test would take me a few minutes to complete, but the scenario was totally different. For some … Continue reading

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Setting up TeamMentor Browser Automation Project

In this post I’ll walk you through the steps required to set up the browser automation project for TeamMentor. The first step is to have a specific folder with TeamMentor and The browser Automation project at the same level. The following … Continue reading

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Dom XSS Pocs

TeamMentor uses plenty of Javascript. Hence there might be more places than what was found in the past, which are vulnerable to DOM XSS. Have been trying to understand what Dom XSS means and created a few simple POCs for … Continue reading

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First steps with FirePath : What a useful tool

Continuing with the Automation project, WebDriver allows to interact with the DOM (Document Object Model) through XPath . Xpath provides a quite interesting approach to query the DOM, but sometimes it requires dedication and practice to fully understand how it works … Continue reading

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TeamMentor architecture – Questions

So as I’ve gone on looking at how things are inside TM, I’ve been having more questions. Here they are: a) I can see a lot of events in Events.js. I’m not sure though, when any of them will be … Continue reading

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On TeamMentor’s Event-Driven architecture

Following Arvind’s questions at Studying TM architecture I just replied at TeamMentor’s Javascript-based Event Driven Architecture

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Error Loading TeamMentor Libraries : The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters

Tonight, we found an issue in TeamMentor 3.3. I realized that the default library Top Vulnerabilities was not being displayed in TeamMentor. After looking at the debug page, we found that the name of the folder was breaking Microsoft’s folders and … Continue reading

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