Where to get Selenium Webdrivers for Chrome and Internet Explorer

I’ve been working in an interesting project for Browser Automation for the TeamMentor product and during this time I had the opportunity to learn very interesting approaches to create a framework for browser automation.

Our approach is to have the capability of running all our unit test in the browsers :Firefox,Chrome and Internet Explorer.  The first time you run your automation test in Chrome or Internet Explorer you need to download their respective drivers (which are standalone servers which implements WebDriver’s wire protocol.).

For Chrome, the download link points to here and for Internet Explorer the download link points to here .

The Internet Explorer driver (namely IEDriverServer.exe)  is available for x86 (32 bit platform) and x64(64 bit platform) Operative Systems architecture.

Since this driver are required and the path where the drivers reside needs to be clearly defined, our automation project automatically downloads it and sets the working path. This interesting feature  makes easy the testing process:


Deciding what driver architecture to use

Considering that our automation test might be executed in different bit platforms (the Internet Explorer driver is available for both platforms),it is necessary to identify the bit platform before using the driver, the below C# code help us :

var is64BitOperatingSystem = Environment.Is64BitOperatingSystem;
var downloadUrl = is64BitOperatingSystem ? IEDriverDownloadLinkx64 : IEDriverDownloadLinkx86;


About Michael Hidalgo

Michael is a Software Developer Engineer based on San José, Costa Rica. He leads the OWASP Chapter from Costa Rica. You can take a look at my blog at http://blog.michaelhidalgo.info/
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