Taking a look at TeamMentor in Google Analytics : What a good achievement!

I had the opportunity to see, in  real-time, TeamMentor’s trend in Google Analytics. The dashboard is pretty interesting and I was able to see how the traffic increased exponentially after performing the browser automation test.

I was able to see traffic sources from several places :

  • From the United Kingdom
  • From Japan
  • From USA (Azure)
  • From San José, Costa Rica (it was me :)).
  • I also saw some traffic from Europe (I believe it was Roman :))

The following images represent the traffic source:

In this page, I’m running the Automation test from  San José, Costa Rica and the page view number was 297.


There were other sources displayed below.


I was impressed because this capability is really powerful and I personally didn’t have the opportunity to watch it in real time.


About Michael Hidalgo

Michael is a Software Developer Engineer based on San José, Costa Rica. He leads the OWASP Chapter from Costa Rica. You can take a look at my blog at http://blog.michaelhidalgo.info/
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