Studying TM architecture

So I’ve been spending a little time studying how TM is built internally as I’m quite poor at JS, JQuery and the other client side languages. Not that I rock server side..but I digress ;). So I was using Firebug and tracing code from the browser ..using Burp to actually see what requests were made and ran into a wall.

There were these 3 methods : RBAC_CurrentPrincipal_Roles, GetGuiObjects and GetFolderStructure_Libraries which I couldn’t trace. I saw JS on the home page which called TM.Gui.CurrentUser.loadUserData() but nothing which called these 3 methods. But very clearly they’re all called .. as they’re the ones that build the actual GUI at the start. And they’re only called once, while the CurrentUser method is called every 60 seconds. If you clear your browser cache, they’re called again.

Digging into the code a bit more revealed that they were in the Webservices.js file in the TM.WebServices.WS_Data section. But how are they called? The only other reference to say GetGUIObjects is in the TM_WS_Methods.js file. Again…that’s the heart of the call…but where is it triggered from?

Pinged Dinis. Was told to write a blog :). Here it is.

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