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Use Case : Development driven through Unit Testing

In this post I want to share a Use Case of the value added of Unit Testing and Continuous integration techniques to ensure the quality of TeamMentor. Therefore, I want to show how easy we can ensure that a feature … Continue reading

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The need of writting a book about how to implement WebDriver design patterns to create a framework in C#

Motivation George E.P Box wrote : Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful. It is clear that design patterns are useful in Software, but a wrong implementation can easily leads to a bad practice and a wrong application of the concept. … Continue reading

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Implementing best practices on TeamMentor Automation project based on learned leasons

Browser automation is a fairly new discipline and it has been implemented in several projects. The good news is that there is always a new opportunity to learn. One of the headache of this process  is the fact of facing … Continue reading

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Finding the best Visual Studio Theme to increase productivity

I must be honest,  I don’t really like Visual Studio default theme, so I’m always looking for something  different. Believe it or not , a nice combination of colors  can help considerably to increase productivity.  If you are using a … Continue reading

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Dealing with Ajax asynchronous request and the elements Rendering

Currently I’m adding several test to validate that TeamMentor’s search functionality worked as expected. I added some test to confirm that the search results were correct based on the search pattern. Since TeamMentor rely on Ajax and I’m trying to avoid … Continue reading

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Frustrating WebDriver StaleElementReferenceException tied to Ajax

I’m facing a  really frustrating situation with WebDriver because I’m getting a StaleElementReference Exception. Based on WebDriver documentation, this exception might be displayed for this two situations: The element has been deleted entirely. The element is no longer attached to … Continue reading

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Why TeamCity execution report is a great player to determine what test need an improvement

TeamCity is a powerful tool for continuous Integration (a term derived from eXtreme programming development process). I was paying special attention to the test execution model in TeamCity. The reports TC generates are awesome and quite interesting. I see a potential … Continue reading

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