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The Importance of Being Earnest (or Why We Need a Honest Real Time Log) in TM

Now that TM has great functionality of site specific TM.config file that is customize-able and overwrites the default config, I naturally started playing with the settings.  The first thing I did was to create the custom file in Library_Data\XmlDatabase\User_Data. I called the … Continue reading

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Selecting values from Multiple Collections : Using SelectMany LINQ method

This time I wanted to  determine how many library items there were in two separate TeamMentor libraries : OWASP and Top Vulnerabilities. I wanted to find an easy way to determine how many libraries were loaded in the jsTree control … Continue reading

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Becoming Fiddler best friend: A use case that demostrate how to integrate tools to improve quality

I do have a special admiration for  Fiddler, because now more than ever, I’m able to exploit all the potential of that tool and because the scenarios I’m working on TeamMentor allow me to use it and taka advantage of … Continue reading

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Using Fiddler to compare Web Sessions in TeamMentor

After getting the latest version of TeamMentor (TM 3.3 RC3.01), I was experimenting a really annoying behavior. The problem was that the admin credentials provided to login into TM sometimes worked and some times didn’t. Yeah, I was under the … Continue reading

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Browsers Dilemma : Opening a new window o a new tab?

Currently I’m working o a Windows 7 laptop and this is the version of my browsers: Firefox 19.0  Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421IC Chrome 25.0.1364.97 m The scenario I’m testing is that TeamMentor’s articles should be displayed in a new Window once you double-Click … Continue reading

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Performing Double-click events with WebDriver : Using the Actions class

I’m writing some test that involves the  capability of using double-click events in TeamMentor to open that article in a new tab or in a new page (more about his later). Given the articles list, I wanted to select a … Continue reading

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A new way to deal with Ajax events and avoid the usage of Thread.Sleep()

As I discussed earlier, Thread.Sleep() is a big hammer for performance, because based on the MSDN documentation, it blocks the current thread for the specified number of milliseconds1. This technique becomes a problem when your responses are faster than the … Continue reading

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