A path to learn about TeamMentor and receive valuable feedback

This time I would like to share  the way I’m following at TeamMentor to make sure I’m understanding the whole project and provide feedback as well. I’m glad to be part of a very responsive (and smart) team, so I’m always looking for feedback and asking all the questions or observations that to me are not clear.

So the way I always ask my questions is by exposing a use case, a real situation on top of TeamMentor,and by a real situation I mean  a specific case that can be reproducible in any other environment (so it is easy for the other guys to look at it). Then, following Roman’s advice, I always use images,because sometimes is really easy to understand a behavior based on a picture.

I personally  think that asking questions is  a very powerful mechanism to get involved in the product and also be able to provide feedback. So I always ask questions to the other guys and I try to expose my point of view.

For example, my last question about TeamMentor functionality was How TeamMentor search is performed and if we should be removing  trailing characters. Then I attached an image containing both, raw request and raw response and I used some highlighted circles around the white spaces at the end.


As you can see from this picture, we added a white space at the very end of the text under search and there were not results displayed.

Then, the next step is to make this questions and answers available so we can make sure we are creating a strong ecosystem using feedback from the team.

This is the track I’m following now and to be honest I think it has worked fine for me.


About Michael Hidalgo

Michael is a Software Developer Engineer based on San José, Costa Rica. He leads the OWASP Chapter from Costa Rica. You can take a look at my blog at http://blog.michaelhidalgo.info/
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One Response to A path to learn about TeamMentor and receive valuable feedback

  1. Dinis Cruz says:

    And that is a great way to do it 🙂

    Keep it up

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