Creating the Distribution ZIP files for new version of TM

Take the master branch of TM from TeamMentor/Master (thanks Dinis for merging the 3.3 branch into master)

Start TM to have it create the Library_Data directory structure

Remove the following from Library_Data\XmlDatabase\User_Data\TMSecretData.config


Then I created the following \Library_Data\XmlDatabase\User_Data\TMconfig.config

<?xml version=”1.0″?>

And added the libraries to \Library_Data\XmlDatabase\User_Data\TMSecretData.config (x-ed out the sensitive stuff here)


Restarted TM and then reloaded server cache

Then went to each library directory and removed their remotes

Then finally removed the Library configuration from Library_Data\XmlDatabase\User_Data\TMSecretData.config

<Libraries_Git_Repositories />

And started TM

And voila:

Finally I stopped TM. Removed the cache file and zipped up the directory

For OWASP content, I cleared out the TM_Libraries directory

Then added the OWASP repository to \Library_Data\XmlDatabase\User_Data\TMSecretData.config


Started TM

Then stopped TM, removed the OWASP repository from the Library_Data\XmlDatabase\User_Data\TMSecretData.config

And removed the remotes:

Then finally removed the cache and zipped up the directory

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