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Michael is a Software Developer Engineer based on San José, Costa Rica. He leads the OWASP Chapter from Costa Rica. You can take a look at my blog at

Question : Will a GUID lose it’s uniqueness when you remove the dashes (-)?

Today while I was fixing an issue at TeamMentor, I wanted to play around with the URL manipulation. I tried to remove all the dashes (-) from the URL  GUID to see what would be the behavior. And I was … Continue reading

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Standardizing TeamMentor branching names

I started working on fixing some small issues at TeamMentor with the idea in mind of understanding the branching model that GitHub offers, along with the idea of getting involved with all the workflow at  TeamMentor. So namely we review … Continue reading

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How to design an application using AngularJS if you are familiar with jQuery?

I found a very interesting question at StackOverflow (which has a lot of reputation and a very good approach), so the idea here is to point this question so it can give us an idea on how to address the … Continue reading

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Some jQuery selectors works on Firefox console, even though jQuery hasn’t been referenced

While we have seen the power of AngularJS (which looks very promising ), it seems like this framework is a good candidate for our future implementations. At the time of writing this article (April 29th, 2013), we are already using … Continue reading

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Using WebDriver Actions class to interact with TeamMentor contextual menu

I was trying to add a test to verify that TeamMentor contextual menu, was displayed using mouse right-click, so you should be able to see a menu like this one : Fortunately, WebDriver provide a class to interact with some … Continue reading

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Using jQuery Selectors to interact with TeamMentor : A good starting point for browser automation

It’s important to take advantage of the cutting-edge technologies we are using at TeamMentor and make sure those technologies can be used to perform testing and improve the quality of the product.  Since at TeamMentor we rely on jQuery, it’s … Continue reading

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Best approach to find nested elements with WebDriver :When Xpath becomes your best friend

Most of the time, browser automation using WebDriver is all about finding html elements: find a button and click it to perform any action, find an user input text box and set a specific text, find a link and click … Continue reading

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