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Question : Will a GUID lose it’s uniqueness when you remove the dashes (-)?

Today while I was fixing an issue at TeamMentor, I wanted to play around with the URL manipulation. I tried to remove all the dashes (-) from the URL ¬†GUID to see what would be the behavior. And I was … Continue reading

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How to design an application using AngularJS if you are familiar with jQuery?

I found a very interesting question at StackOverflow (which has a lot of reputation and a very good approach), so the idea here is to point this question so it can give us an idea on how to address the … Continue reading

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Best approach to find nested elements with WebDriver :When Xpath becomes your best friend

Most of the time, browser automation using WebDriver is all about finding html elements: find a button and click it to perform any action, find an user input text box and set a specific text, find a link and click … Continue reading

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Using Fiddler to compare Web Sessions in TeamMentor

After getting the latest version of TeamMentor (TM 3.3 RC3.01), I was experimenting a really annoying behavior. The problem was that the admin credentials provided to login into TM sometimes worked and some times didn’t. Yeah, I was under the … Continue reading

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A new way to deal with Ajax events and avoid the usage of Thread.Sleep()

As I discussed earlier, Thread.Sleep() is a big hammer for performance, because based on the MSDN documentation, it blocks the current thread for the specified number of milliseconds1. This technique becomes a problem when your responses are faster than the … Continue reading

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Implementing PageFactory patten and Annotations in TeamMentor

One of the things I’ve been trying to achieve during the creation of a framework for browser automation, is the capability of using best practices and methodologies that make code maintainable across test. So I’ve been using the PageObject pattern¬†and … Continue reading

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Use Case : Development driven through Unit Testing

In this post I want to share a Use Case of the value added of Unit Testing and Continuous integration techniques to ensure the quality of TeamMentor. Therefore, I want to show how easy we can ensure that a feature … Continue reading

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