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Reporting an issue in TeamMentor’s 3.3

Yesterday Dinis helped me to configure TeamMentor’s automation test project out of the box (look at Dinis’s blogĀ Using TeamCity and NUnit to Start WebServer, Run Selenium Tests and Stop WebServer). I started to running the WebAutomation test and I found … Continue reading

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Auth testing scripts – Now with Python modules :)

I thought yesterday’s post describing my progress was nice. However when I showed it to Dinis, he said ‘Yeah nice’ but you need to make it into modules. And there’s too much code duplication everywhere. (Ouch)* After the usual initial … Continue reading

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Authorization testing scripts…revisited and improved

Since my fuzzing adventures had sort of reached a logical stage; I pinged Dinis and he said something about how auth testing would give us the correct order in which tests are to be executed; after which fuzzing becomes easier. … Continue reading

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Improved fuzzing code…

In my previous post I talked a little bit about fuzzing and how I’d proceed. I’ve now made really good improvements (IMO anyway ;)) on the code. So now..a brief feature list(HaHa) of my fuzzing script for a Webservice method … Continue reading

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Fuzzed 3 methods – better code

Yesterday I wrote a post explaining my approach. I’ve made further progress today and have fuzzed 3 methods and pushed all the code to Git. This code is more structured and scales better. It reads a config file which contains … Continue reading

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Fuzzing TM Webservices…fuzzing anything..?

Well…since we now have a lot of clarity on what the various methods in TM do, Dinis suggested, that instead of waiting to complete ALL 123…lets start fuzzing using my unit tests as a base or using Burp or Zap … Continue reading

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Finally an XML report…and totally ‘Independent’ unit tests…

So if you read my last post what I pushed to Git last time was a bunch of unit tests for each user. So at 102 tests per user that’s a total of 408 unit tests for an admin,editor,reader and … Continue reading

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