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Some jQuery selectors works on Firefox console, even though jQuery hasn’t been referenced

While we have seen the power of AngularJS (which looks very promising ), it seems like this framework is a good candidate for our future implementations. At the time of writing this article (April 29th, 2013), we are already using … Continue reading

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Using jQuery Selectors to interact with TeamMentor : A good starting point for browser automation

It’s important to take advantage of the cutting-edge technologies we are using at TeamMentor and make sure those technologies can be used to perform testing and improve the quality of the product.¬† Since at TeamMentor we rely on jQuery, it’s … Continue reading

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Using WebDriver and the power of jQuery to interact with html elements.

I was creating an automation test to verify that TeamMentor’s About page was displayed correctly. After opening the About page and perform the test, I wanted to close it (by looking at the small X ¬†that closes the window). But … Continue reading

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