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Standardizing TeamMentor branching names

I started working on fixing some small issues at TeamMentor with the idea in mind of understanding the branching model that GitHub offers, along with the idea of getting involved with all the workflow at  TeamMentor. So namely we review … Continue reading

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Best approach to find nested elements with WebDriver :When Xpath becomes your best friend

Most of the time, browser automation using WebDriver is all about finding html elements: find a button and click it to perform any action, find an user input text box and set a specific text, find a link and click … Continue reading

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Browsers Dilemma : Opening a new window o a new tab?

Currently I’m working o a Windows 7 laptop and this is the version of my browsers: Firefox 19.0  Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421IC Chrome 25.0.1364.97 m The scenario I’m testing is that TeamMentor’s articles should be displayed in a new Window once you double-Click … Continue reading

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The need of writting a book about how to implement WebDriver design patterns to create a framework in C#

Motivation George E.P Box wrote : Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful. It is clear that design patterns are useful in Software, but a wrong implementation can easily leads to a bad practice and a wrong application of the concept. … Continue reading

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Where to get Selenium Webdrivers for Chrome and Internet Explorer

I’ve been working in an interesting project for Browser Automation for the TeamMentor product and during this time I had the opportunity to learn very interesting approaches to create a framework for browser automation. Our approach is to have the … Continue reading

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A Fluent API for browser Automation: Fluent Automation API for Selenium WebDriver

I spent sometime this weekend playing around WebDriver  API, I got the package from NuGet. At the time of installing the package, I realize there was another package named FluentAutomation API But what is FluentAutomation anyway? FluentAutomation is a  DSL(DSL … Continue reading

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