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Standardizing TeamMentor branching names

I started working on fixing some small issues at TeamMentor with the idea in mind of understanding the branching model that GitHub offers, along with the idea of getting involved with all the workflow at ¬†TeamMentor. So namely we review … Continue reading

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Using WebDriver Actions class to interact with TeamMentor contextual menu

I was trying to add a test to verify that TeamMentor contextual menu, was displayed using mouse right-click, so you should be able to see a menu like this one : Fortunately, WebDriver provide a class to interact with some … Continue reading

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Accessing TeamMentor Debug page for troubleshooting

Even when this is a basic topic, I would like to document where is TeamMentor Debug page (what is the URL) and how it looks like, so we can use it for future references in case you and/or me forget … Continue reading

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Use Case : Development driven through Unit Testing

In this post I want to share a Use Case of the value added of Unit Testing and Continuous integration techniques to ensure the quality of TeamMentor. Therefore, I want to show how easy we can ensure that a feature … Continue reading

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Dom XSS Pocs

TeamMentor uses plenty of Javascript. Hence there might be more places than what was found in the past, which are vulnerable to DOM XSS. Have been trying to understand what Dom XSS means and created a few simple POCs for … Continue reading

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Building a Framework for TeamMentor’s browser automation process

Christopher Alexander¬†wrote :“Each pattern describes a problem which occurs over and over again in our environment, and then describes the core of the solution to that problem, in such a way that you can use this solution a million times … Continue reading

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Where to get Selenium Webdrivers for Chrome and Internet Explorer

I’ve been working in an interesting project for Browser Automation for the TeamMentor product and during this time I had the opportunity to learn very interesting approaches to create a framework for browser automation. Our approach is to have the … Continue reading

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