How To Configure TM Server for updating forked content



So I started with making a clone of the latest TeamMentor code from



Renamed the directory to a more meaningful name for that server



Changed the default configuration to

1. Not require SSL, as the server we are hosting on does not have a certificate (unfortunate but hopefully temporary measure)

2. Implemented a workaround to disable random users from being able to create their own accounts. This involves enabling Eval Accounts but setting the number of Eval Days to -1. This allows the user to be created however the user cannot access the content. For this implementation all users should be created by admin.

3. Enabled auto Git commit for both User_Data and Library_Data



I followed the available documentation on how to install TM on IIS6 from I started TM and made sure it works as expected.


Then moving to github I created a user called tm-sme. I granted a pull only permissions to the tm-sme user.




Then I forked all the repositories currently on from TMContent organization to the new tm-sme user




Going back to our new instance of TM I added the newly forked repositories (pointing to the tm-sme user forks) in the TMSecretData.config file



I then restarted TM and the ApplicationPool and here we go: An instance of TM with Libraries forked from the TMContent repositories. As the content is updated here, it then automatically will be pushed to the forked repositories, which in turn can later be merged (upon approval of content changes) to the TMContent repositories which hold the authoritative content.



Just to validate that the push works, I changed one of the articles on the TM instance (line 23 and 24):

(note that the other changes are the update of the article to the new 3.3 format)



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