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Using WebDriver Actions class to interact with TeamMentor contextual menu

I was trying to add a test to verify that TeamMentor contextual menu, was displayed using mouse right-click, so you should be able to see a menu like this one : Fortunately, WebDriver provide a class to interact with some … Continue reading

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Becoming Fiddler best friend: A use case that demostrate how to integrate tools to improve quality

I do have a special admiration for  Fiddler, because now more than ever, I’m able to exploit all the potential of that tool and because the scenarios I’m working on TeamMentor allow me to use it and taka advantage of … Continue reading

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Using Fiddler to compare Web Sessions in TeamMentor

After getting the latest version of TeamMentor (TM 3.3 RC3.01), I was experimenting a really annoying behavior. The problem was that the admin credentials provided to login into TM sometimes worked and some times didn’t. Yeah, I was under the … Continue reading

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Implementing PageFactory patten and Annotations in TeamMentor

One of the things I’ve been trying to achieve during the creation of a framework for browser automation, is the capability of using best practices and methodologies that make code maintainable across test. So I’ve been using the PageObject pattern and … Continue reading

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Implementing best practices on TeamMentor Automation project based on learned leasons

Browser automation is a fairly new discipline and it has been implemented in several projects. The good news is that there is always a new opportunity to learn. One of the headache of this process  is the fact of facing … Continue reading

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Frustrating WebDriver StaleElementReferenceException tied to Ajax

I’m facing a  really frustrating situation with WebDriver because I’m getting a StaleElementReference Exception. Based on WebDriver documentation, this exception might be displayed for this two situations: The element has been deleted entirely. The element is no longer attached to … Continue reading

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Dealing with Iframes and WebDriver : TeamMentor’s About page

Tonight I was trying to add a new test to validate that TeamMentor’s About page is  being displayed correctly. I thought that this test would take me a few minutes to complete, but the scenario was totally different. For some … Continue reading

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